Food that Make Sound Sleep

20 June 2014

Sleep is our chance to restore the physical condition and the mind. But often get 7-8 hours of quality sleep is not easy. In fact, lack of sleep that occurs continuously can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer. The good news, trouble sleeping it can be fixed with […]

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Eat these foods when Stress At Work

12 May 2014

Stress and work are perhaps the two matters that cannot be split up.Even so, when the tension and sense of eager would come over, there are some things you do to restore motivation.. One of them is by consuming certain foods and drinks.Well, here are seven best options to improve the health, productivity, and energy […]

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Organic Food Ingredients are More Nutritious?

07 May 2014

Some “theory “of nutrition which we believe was already obsolete. Recent studies continue to be done is to make the human understanding of the constantly changing the food. Here are some myths about which foods we should not believe anymore. - Products organic food is more nutritious Given the organic products produced without the use […]

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Vegetarian Diet Helps Reduce Tension

16 April 2014

The habit of eating vegetables and fruits proved to be many benefits for health, one of which is to help lower blood pressure. Recent research indicates that experts from Japan, which dominated the diet of vegetables and fruits (vegetarian), can help control blood pressure. The results of the review of the 7 clinical trials and […]

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5 Deterrents of bad breath that easily found

29 March 2014

Bad breath makes us less confident when having to speak in front of friends. Bad breath usually arises because oral hygiene is not maintained so as to grow the bacteria. Fortunately it is not difficult to find  deterrent to bad breath. Quoted from Healthy Living MSD , these are 5 deterrents of bad breath that […]

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Simple Foods Makes You Healthy

23 February 2014

Who says healthy food is always synonymous with expensive? Simply by eating vegetables and sweet red kailan, a number of nutrients can be met. A number of nutrients were supplied by these foods. Healthy living has always collided with the prices of healthy foods are expensive. In fact, many healthy foods can be obtained easily […]

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Fermented to prevent diabetes and good food for immunity

14 February 2014

The intake of fermented foods is not initially seen as beneficial for the health. But the food that is processed by settling for a few days or weeks before consumption, proved to be a new source of health. In the United States, vegetables and healthy foods fermented beverage Kombucha is now becoming a trend. Kombucha […]

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Spinach and egg increasing reflexes

13 February 2014

Spinach and eggs are two foods rich in nutrients that are often recommended to maintain health. Recent studies have demonstrated the benefits of spinach and eggs reappear. Two foods in essential amino acid tyrosine, can improve the reflexes rich. Actually tyrosine is not only found in spinach and eggs. Tyrosine is also contained in soy, […]

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Spinach Juice Benefits: against premature aging

01 March 2013

Air pollution, UV radiation, and stress at work sometimes make women aging faster than it should. Moreover, beauty treatment is now more expensive it costs. However, women do not worry. There are many simple and natural ways that can help delay premature aging. The material is also inexpensive and easy to get. One of them […]

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The Importance of Fruit and Vegetable Juices in Diet

03 March 2012

A person’s health is an important aspect of his life. To say that well-being is wealth will not be only to utter a previous, used up mantra, but to imply that for most human beings, staying match and wholesome is parallel to being rich, for an individual’s everyday life is influenced mainly by the state […]

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